How to Make Liquid Soap – Why You Should Learn

If you’ve spent any time at all on my site, you know that there are lots of reasons to learn how to make soap at home.  I think it’s also important that you know why you also need to learn how to make liquid soap.

When you learn how to make liquid soap, you also very quickly learn just how many different types of liquid soap you can make from the same base.

Why it’s Important to Know How to Make Liquid Hand Soap

Hand soap, of course, is the most obvious choice and likely the first thing you will make after you learn to make liquid soap.  There are a couple of things I really like about making liquid hand soap.  The first is that you can use one batch of homemade soap to make several different containers of hand soap, all with different scents.

Another advantage of making liquid hand soap is that you can add some vodka to it to make it antibacterial.  This is important because Triclosan, which is the antibacterial agent used in commercial antibacterial soaps, is incredibly toxic and I really believe that no one should be exposed to it – especially children.

How to Make Liquid Soap without Triclosan

When you learn how to make liquid soap, you can avoid a lot of the toxic antibacterial chemicals found in commercial soap.

Learning How to Make Liquid Soap Means Learning How to Make Great Dish Soap

Of course, there are other things you can make once you learn how to make liquid soap.  One of the things I make with my homemade liquid soap is dish soap.  I make dish soap by mixing liquid soap with vodka as well as aromatherapy essential oils that are antibacterial and cut grease.  These can include oregano, tea tree, lemon and grapefruit.

How to Make Liquid Soap - Dishsoap

I really like my homemade dish soap because I put it in a pump dispenser beside the sink and it doubles as hand soap.  It is gentle enough to wash my hands repeatedly, but also cleansing enough to wash dishes.

One think I do tell people when they have learned how to make liquid soap and want to make dish soap is that although it is a great products, it doesn’t produce the suds that commercial dish soap does, and it won’t be quite as effective at cutting grease.  This means that you’ll have to do a little extra scrubbing with your greasier dishes, and I often use a bit of powdered cleanser as well.
Of course, the trade-off is that you’re using something that is gentle and won’t dry your hands out, and is environmentally friendly.

How to Make Liquid Soap for Your Little Ones

Another favorite product that I started making right after I learned how to make liquid soap is baby body wash.  This, in fact, was one of the reasons I originally wanted to learn how to make soap at home.How to Make Liquid Soap - Baby Wash

Baby body wash made from a soap base high in olive oil is extremely gentle and totally non-toxic.  If you read the list of ingredients on a “natural” and “gentle” bottle of commercial baby wash, I promise you’ll be horrified.  If you want something even scarier, compare the list of ingredients to those found in your dish soap.  You will find they are substantially similar.  Of course, the ingredients found in my homemade dish soap are similar to those found in my homemade baby wash.  The difference between that and the commercial stuff is that none of the ingredients in mine are toxic and none have been shown to disrupt hormonal development.

When you learn how to make liquid soap and you make baby body wash, you can also use it as baby shampoo.  There is no need to use something different to wash your baby’s hair.  Homemade baby body wash is especially effective for babies with any sort of skin sensitivity, including diaper rash and dry skin.

Other products I started making after I learned how to make liquid soap include shampoo and body wash.

I make a shampoo for my husband to slow hair loss that he swears by (and believe me, he spends a lot of time examining how much hair he has).

I also make a wonderful green tea and goji berry body wash that makes for a great start to my day.

Once you learn how to make liquid soap, you’ll find it an invaluable skill that opens up lots of soap making options

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